Commercial Roof Repair In Montana

Leaking Commercial Roof?

A leaking roof never starts leaking at a good time.  In this article we will go over some reasons your flat or low-slope roof may be leaking, how to inspect your roof for potential leaks, and what you can do when repairs are necessary!

commercial roof repair in Montana

Harsh Montana Weather - Hard On The Toughest Commercial Roofs

Our northern Montana climate is notoriously hard on commercial flat and low-slope roofs. Winter freezing and thawing cycles can cause flexing, shrinking and/or cracking of joints and along edges, allowing water to begin seeping through.

In the summer, unrelenting direct sunlight, and high temperatures can further damage roofing materials.  

commercial metal roof repair in Montana

Checking Your Commercial Roof For Leaks Or Damage

What's the best way to keep your flat or low-slope roof from leaking? Using preventative maintenance! 

But what to look for? It's easy to miss the small telltales that your roof might be ready for some maintenance.

When we perform our free roof inspections for our clients, here's a list of the things we're looking for:

Signs your Commercial Roof is Deteriorating

First, of course, are the most obvious signs of a leaking roof. These are easily observable from inside or outside the building.

For example, water stains on the ceiling, and/or puddles on the floor whenever it rains. Other obvious telltales can be seen on the roof itself, such as billowing membrane, loose flashing, split seams and soft or mushy insulation.  

Then you know its time to repair your roof before it gets worse!

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Less Obvious Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Repair

Debris Damage

Montana winters are notorious for this:

The wind kicks up, and there's blowing snow, and tree limbs coming down.  A tree branch blows down on your roof, and gets stuck between the roof and the crushing weight of the snow and ice. 

Between the weight of the snow, and the sharp ends on the tree limb, a hole gets punched or worn into the roofing materials. During the spring thaw, water will start seeping into the substrate, eventually causing a visible leak.

Deteriorated Flashing

Flashing will often fail before the rest of the roofing system does.  You want to make sure that the flashing is inspected carefully for damage.

Damage might be from tree limbs, and warping that allows water to seep underneath.

Sealant Damage

Sealants require regular inspection, and often needs to be re-caulked. The most common cause of sealant damage and failure is from a breakdown over time from the harsh Montana weather conditions.

If it shows signs of damage, such as cracking or peeling, it's time to repair it.

Maintenance on roof

Repairing Your Commercial Flat or Low-Slope Roof

Your roof has been inspected, and its time for some roof repair or even replacement, before it gets worse.

Where do you start?

You can do it on your own time with trial and error, or, if you're like many commercial building owners, you simply call a professional roofing company, and have them do the repair for you.

How Flagship Foam & Coatings Can Help

At Flagship Foam & Coatings, we specialize in helping our clients maintain, diagnose and professionally repair or replace their problem commercial roof.

We use guaranteed Conklin roofing products that are known to last as long or longer than your original roof!

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How We Can Help Repair Your Flat or Low-Slope Roof


The first thing we do is inspect your problem roof. 

We want to know what caused your roof to fail.  We're looking for the causes that your roof might be leaking, and any signs of weakness, where it might start leaking in the near future. 

Are there low spots that are holding water? Is there wind damage, or tree limbs? Are joints starting to crack or caulking give way?

Plan of Action

After the initial inspection, we'll present our findings to you, as well as our recommendations to remedy the issues.

95% of the time, your roof does NOT need to be replaced. Instead we will recommend using Conklin's top-of-the-line roofing products to completely restore your roof to better than new condition!

Complete Restoration of Your Commercial Roof

Once you give us the green light, we will get to work completely restoring (or replacing if necessary) your commercial roof with our Conklin roofing products.

The Conklin Company's line of commercial roof repair and restoration products cover a wide variety of roofing styles, and have nearly 50 years of research and development behind them! 

Another reason we believe in, and choose the Conklin Company: They will stand behind their roofing systems 100%.  

We will keep you updated on the progress of repairing your roof.  We do our best to keep the disruption of your day-to-day operations to a minimum.  

Once completed, your roof is covered by our best-in class, non-prorated warranty, with zero-leaks - Guaranteed!

What Are The Conklin Roofing Systems?

Conklin Roofing Systems have an 85% reflective top coat - it reflects the heat in the summer, and locks it in during the winter.  This can save you many dollars in wasted energy costs for heating and cooling your commercial building.

In addition, Conklin Roofing Systems also have a Class A fire rating, and at the same time, a Class 4 Hail rating.  This serves to make the Conklin Roofing System resilient to whatever the harsh Montana elements throw our way.  

Our systems are 100% seamless and our Acrylic coatings are 100% renewable.  Conklin's Roof Systems are fully adhered to your new or existing roof.  

We are so confident in these products that we offer a best-in class, non-prorated warranty, to all our clients, with zero-leaks - Guaranteed!

What Types Of Roofs Does Flagship Foam & Coatings Work On?

We offer professional restoration, repair, and full on replacements of all types of commercial flat, and low-slope roofing systems.

Our specialties include Metal Roofing, TPO Roofing, Fabric Reinforced Roofing System, and SPF (foam) Roofing Systems.

Whether you have a simple question, or would like to schedule an inspection, we're glad to hear from you!

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