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Warmer Weather is Coming, But your Roof is Leaking

When your roof starts leaking, it never happens at a good time.  But don't panic!  Flag Ship Foam & Coatings has a dependable solution to your problem.  You want to deal with a reputable company that does the job right the first time.

Flag Ship Foam & Coatings will keep you updated on the progress of repairing your roof.  We will try to keep the disruption of your day to day operations to a minimum.  Over the past 15 years Flag Ship Foam & Coatings, we have seen some roof issues her in Montana, and in Norther Idaho.  Our company is prepared to restore your commercial roof.

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If you have clicked on this post, you may be one of two kinds of people.  Either you know the basics of commercial roofing, and you want to hear about the best system around.  Or you have no idea what commercial roofing is, or how it is even done.

I encourage you to keep reading to find out about our company, and see what we can do for your.  First off we are going to talk about why your roof is leaking, and walk you through how inspections are handled.

Reason Why Your Roof Leaks in the Spring

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As the winter snow has melted away, and the days are getting much nicer.  Roof damage and leaks can also be revealed!  As we know winters are hard on everything!  This is a good time to have Flag Ship Foam & Coating to come out and look at your commercial roof.

Signs your Commercial Roof is Deteriorating

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Once the weather starts to get nicer and warming up, you should start looking for problems on the inside and outside of your commercial building.  Your commercial roof can have many indicators, the most obvious is your ceiling being stained with water.  Then their is the dreaded water leaking all over your floor.  If you have a billowing membrane, loose flashing, split seams and mushy insulation.  Then you know that your roof has a big problem.

Debris Damage

Remember the day when the wind kicked up, and you had blowing snow, and tree limbs were coming down?  Well now that tree branch is stuck between the roof and the snow and ice. But you didn't realize that the stick just put a hold in your commercial roof.  Then the water starts dripping in.

Deteriorated Flashing

Flashing will often fail before the roofing system does.  You want to make sure that the flashing is inspected carefully.

Sealant Damage

Sealants require regular inspection, and often needs to be re-caulked.  If your sealant shows signs of any type of damage, either from the sun, or it is just old.  This could be the source of your roof leaking.

Regular Maintenance

Maintenance on roof

When you have Flag Ship Foam & Coatings come and repair, or replace your commercial roof, with Conklin products.  They will be able to tell you how often you need your roof inspected.  It is a good idea to have a regular maintenance schedule for your roof. 

The Roof Inspection

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No two roofing contractors inspect the roof the same.  We want to know what caused your roof to fail.  Where are the weakness, and how are we going to fix it.   Was the cause of your problem a wet spot on your roof?  Wet spots are typically caused by standing puddles of water on your roof.  This can cause your roof to have low lying areas and this will cause standing water problem.  Flag Ship Foam & Coatings will tell  you what is wrong with your commercial roof, and give you options on how they will fix your roof.  However if your roof is beyond repair, you may be looking at have a roof tear off, and a new roof put on your commercial building.

Don't Replace your Roof, Restore It!

metal restoration

Our roofing systems are ideal for new application as well as existing roof restoration.  With Conklins nearly 50 years of research and development behind their products.  The Conklin Company will stand behind their roofing systems 100%.  Here at Flag Ship Foam & Coatings we only using the best product for whatever problems your commercial roof has.  By using Conklin Products, we can extend the life of your roof for decades to come.

Our roofing systems have and 85% reflective top coat - they reflect the heat in the summer, and lock it in, in the winter.  Saving your business numerous dollars in energy costs.  But you will also be saving the planet.

Living in a dry climate, Clonklin Roofing Systems also have a class A fire rating, and at the same time, they have a class 4 Hail rating.  Making the Conklin Roofing System resilient to whatever mother nature throws our way.  Our systems are 100% seamless and our Acrylic coatings are 100% renewable.  Conklins Roof System are fully adhered to your new roof, or to your existing roof.  Allowing us to confidently give you a best-in class, non-prorated warranty, with zero-leaks guaranteed!


In Conclusion

Sometimes a roof replacement is necessary, being able to use Conklin's Products to restore your roof.  Including savings your business money, environmental savings by having a "green" roof.  Fewer future maintenance issues.  Conklin's Roofing System will extend the life of your commercial roof.  finally, when you have chosen Flag Ship Foam & Coatings, not only will you be choosing a company that is the BEST, you will have chosen quality.

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