Training Day

Every year, the owners of Flagship Foam & Coatings take hours of training to both improve their skills and keep abreast of the latest technology, products and installations methods. This ensures the work done is always the best it can be. In this post, training is being done on installation of the Conklin TPO Roofing System.


FFC Training day 1

Here, the edges are carefully marked, then cut out to match the contour of the roof.

FFC Training day 3

Seams are then welded together to create water-tight seal. The end result is an extremely tough, water-proof membrane that lasts for many years.

FFC Training day 2

Carefully sealing a roof vent to prevent any water entering...

FFC Training day 4

And the almost finished project. For more information about Conklin's TPO Roofing System, see our Services Page.

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